Finding the Dissertation Writing Approach

There are definitely more ways to writing a dissertation – ways prescribed by the institution, and ways you see fit. The former is restricted by conventions inherent to almost all kinds of academic writing. The latter, on the other hand, is left for your imagination to work.

So, how do you know the sort of approach applicable to the piece? First, you’d need a bit of forecasting to do, understand the nature of your piece and how such nature affects the shaping of a good approach. The rest of the time, as you draft the proposal, and form the outlines, you start to realise which approach is going to work best.

Picking whilst writing

However, not everyone is fortunate to obtain the insight at such ideal time. Others are a lot more capable of deciding over the dissertation writing approach after some time of really scribbling it. At such rate, the inevitable adjustments throughout their plans are to commence.

On the other side, there are those students who don’t really decide as to how they need to write it; in other words, they just write it. It’s not exactly bad; perhaps, it may work better for a few. However, the general advice is for students to try, at least try, planning on the approach.

Deciding and planning over the approach is instrumental to ensuring that the whole piece is uniform – in its style. Of course, you do tweak a bit and add up more terminologies as you move on, but the main idea is to avoid losing cohesiveness.

Requiring balance

Evidently, the dissertation writing approach needs to be uniform and flexible at the same time. Cohesiveness marks the wholeness of the piece and the lesser nuisance through which readers experience with shifting styles. Flexibility is a complementing trait through which will allow it to mix with other occurring styles, say the technical style on the analysis or findings chapters.

Another way of coming through that coveted approach is, of course, with your supervisor. And though your supervisor may come up with brilliant ideas, do not be reluctant to pose your questions. Such manner of discussion between you and your supervisor may prove to be beneficial not just for the approach, but for the dynamics of your relationship.

In sum

Coming up with the ideal dissertation writing approach is not as tricky as what most parts of the discourse are. Rather, it requires students to be observant, to look at patterns or styles that work and not work on their piece; and choosing one that will be used for the whole piece.

It’s quite like a faithful habit of which you develop from start to finish, choosing not to depart from cohesiveness.


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