How I Succeeded in Writing My Dissertation – (Story to Tell)

My Django project in progress…

My Django project in progress… (Photo credit: kogakure)

Writing a dissertation is never a fun activity. In fact, when I wrote my own dissertation years ago, I never had any fun. However, I could say that I enjoyed writing my dissertation. How did that happen? Well, I enjoyed writing my dissertation since I was able to succeed on all the challenges brought about by this academic project.

True, dissertation writing is a very complicated project. Problems and issues will start hounding you as soon as you commence writing your dissertation. Likewise, writing a dissertation is a lengthy project. Aside from the fact that this academic project contains at least 10,000 words, it would take you several months and even a year to complete. Last but not the least, writing a dissertation is a complex project. Not only you will have to undertake a number of different task, but you also to find you way onto discovering something that is yet to be discovered.

Thinking of those dissertation writing challenges alone could intimidate a student. I, myself, felt intimidated by the fact that I am about to undertake a very huge project on which relies my graduation and my undergraduate degree. I also felt a lot of anxiety on the fact that that was my first time writing such a complicated project. At first, I felt very helpless, as I don’t know where I should start.

I did start by researching what a dissertation is. Well, I know back then what a dissertation is, but I wanted to dig further onto the intricacies of this academic. The further I dug, the more I felt hopeless – until I decided to get some help. The very first person that I approached on this project was my professor. He provided some very timely advices on how I should proceed with my dissertation. Some of his advices were to get an advisor as well as approach a dissertation writing service. I did what he said and thereafter sought for an advisor and a reliable writing service. I was really helpless at first, but these people were able to provide with advices, guidance, tips and pointers as well as necessary tools to succeed on my project.

In the end, I was able to submit my dissertation, defended it and got high marks. You too could succeed on writing your dissertation if you seek help from knowledgeable and talented people who could amply provide it.


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